Armata 2019 Menu

Saturday 7 September

  • Wheat bread from our local bakery with sesame, whole grain yeast bread, and wheat and barley
    rusks with marinated olives and fresh tomato and extra virgin olive oil dip
  • Fish roe spread “taramosalata” with lime, flying fish eggs and toasted yeast bread
  • Grilled talagani cheese in honey sauce
  • Greek fava mousse with pickled onion, capers and smoked cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh fried potatoes with truffle pecorino
  • Summer salad with cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, feta cheese, pickled onion, carob rusks and
    smoked tomato sauce
  • Grilled burger patties with tomato, homemade pita bread and lemon yogurt
  • Orzo with prawns*, lime and truffle oil
  • Steamed sea bass served with greens, fresh herbs and butter sauce with aromatic olive oil
  • Traditional orange pie with vanilla ice cream
  • Fresh fruits

MENU 45€ per person